SATOR DOC Montescudaio

Sangiovese 85%, Teroldego 15%.

The grapes from the individual plots cultivated with Sangiovese and Teroldego are harvested manually, then vinified and aged separately. The wine-making process varies according to the climate of that particular year. The fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts and is carried out at a controlled temperature.

In oak barrels for 3/4 months for the Teroldego and half of the Sangiovese, in cement for 3/4 months for the other half the Sangiovese. In the bottle for 6 months.

This wine is obtained from the grapes ofthe individual plots where the two vines are cultivated. The assemblage produces a ruby red wine characterized by pleasant spicy sensations and ripe red fruits. On the palate it appears pleasant, fresh and persistent.