​Sator Winery is located in the upper Tuscan Maremma about 40 km south-west of Pisa. The land has belonged to the owners, the Moscardini family, for about two centuries. Some of the land is on a plateau not far from the village of Pomaia and is part of the production area of Montescudaio DOC.

On this plateau, nature has created a mosaic of soil types, where in 2004 Roberta and Gianni Moscardini decided to plant vineyards to produce wines that express the greatest potential of each variety and of this unique terroir.

The high plains, which are approximately 180 meters above sea level and slope gently to the southwest, meet all the basic components to produce wines of great balance, structure and quality.

This terroir is extraordinarily rich and varies from the pure limestone of a sedimentary nature and marine origin, to the stony and arid soils of magmatic-volcanic origin, including clayey areas. The sun, light and continuous breezes from the mountains and sea nearby keep the grapes healthy and the result of the heat is a slow maturation and perfect aromas.

The secrets of the tradition melt together with a careful and intelligent manufacturing. Gianni Moscardini