Guided tours

The guided tour at the SATOR Winery begins with the vineyards.


SATOR S.S. società agricola
Via Macchia al Pino – Pomaia (PI)
Tel/Fax 050 740529

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Open from 9 to 18
Tel: +39 347 6948937


Easter, Christmas, December 26, New Year, April 25, May 1, June 2.

Here, accompanied by the beauty of our landscape, you will understand the love and expertise that we put into producing wine. Moving from one plot to another, passing through rose gardens, you will learn about the grape varieties, soil types and vine-growing methods.
After a walk through the vineyards, you will be able taste our wines that match perfectly with local products. You will be sitting under a wooden pergola almost hidden by ancient roses, aromatic plants and fruit trees with a breathtaking view that sweeps from the Apuane Alps to the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the autumn and winter, you can taste our wines sitting comfortably in our barriccaia (barrel cellar) and enjoy the beauty of the landscape through its big wide windows.

Wine tasting

The guided tour is in Italian, English, Spanish or French and takes about two hours. Tours are conducted throughout the year. Please make your reservation by calling (+39) 347 6948937 or email us at:


Special tastings, private parties and unforgettable wine experiences.