“We try to find in a glass wine the tipicity of the grape variety that, during the manufacturing processes should never be lost”.   

The wine produced is an authentic wine, where the plant and the land represents the right alchemy. The secrets of an old knowledge goes together with an attentive and careful manufacturing, always up-to-dated with the oenological progress in the field.

The company produces three mono vines, because the wine must be maximum expression of the land. The highest attention is towards the vineyard, in order to let it produce healthy grapes, and to the manufacturing process to allow the grapes to best express their identity.

This project is supported even by a particular care of the land. The company eco-friendly, the electricity is furnished by a photovoltaic system and the wastewater are used again for the garden after a phytoremediation process.

Gianni and Roberta Moscardini have inherited love and passion for the countryside and their land. The adventure that they have began has the main to pass on the historical memory of a land, creating and harmony between past and present.


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